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Dear Acme employees and Vile operatives,

The data disk has been found!

Congratulations to Kappa Sig, who found the coin at 7:26 am on Monday
morning. It was hidden on top of some pipes in the basement of building
16, in Jofish's pants.

Thanks to the efforts of all, the world will be saved from the AIs. And
Acme Corp will continue to provide its customers with, well, whatever it
provides its customers.

Thank you all for playing! Please join Acme/Vile tonight at 7pm
in 4-370, for the traditional wrap-up meeting.  [We may have signs
on the door of 4-370 redirecting you to another room.] We will be sharing
stories, as well as revealing answers and going over the hunt structure.
Because we've all spent so much time together in the last few days, we are
envisioning it as a kind of open house rather than a fully-structured
meeting. The answers will be available on the web within the next few
days, as well.

Now everyone get some sleep!


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