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To our employees:

We have seen a number of people stuck in similar places.  We'd like to
offer a few more words of encouragement.

First, if you have many or most of the answers for Round 2, but are having
trouble finding the answer to the metapuzzle: you will probably want to
identify what exactly the image is that you obtained from 2.2, "Shredded
What?"  You may have found some letters in that image; think about what
those letters might indicate.

--- VILE hacking in --- VILE hacking in ---

An important message from your friends at VILE: if you are having trouble
with the ambiguities in what training might apply to a puzzle, pay
attention to the *end of the flavortext*.  We have tried to put all of our
clues there so that you don't mix them up with the boss's own messages.

--- end VILE transmission --- end VILE transmission ---

Second, a few nudges on puzzles that have been out for a while:

3.4 "Stained Glass" -- Think about the flavortext.  There are some
specific indications as to what might be important, and if you can extract
the relevant information, that--along with those things the boss was
thinking about when he wrote this puzzle--might suggest a next step.

3.5 "Gila" -- No, *really*.  If you've identified what these are, there's
something you want to do next.  Do it if you at all can; seriously.

3.8 "The Price is Right" -- yes, it's a lot of going around, but the
process should be fairly straightforward, and hopefully you can tell if
you're on the right track.

3.10 "Lost in a Maze" -- ACMEcorp isn't sure where people are stuck on
this one.  The boss's bag seemed to contain a number of strange objects
and the like.  See if you can't use them to find some sort of direction to
take the puzzle.

4.8 "Light Reading" -- again, we're not sure where people are stuck on
this, whether it's the early insight or getting the answer from it.
We've talked to our boss's psychic (though we ourselves do not believe in
the paranormal), and we gather that the boss was a voracious reader who
often had to range far and wide to find enough books to read.

Other puzzles have been out for less time, and we know people are still
working.  Keep at it, gentlemen and ladies, and we know you'll get there

		--Lance, ACMEcorp division of gently nudging

All information copyright (c) 2003 ACMECorp, Inc. All rights reserved.