Landmark Times

Time Event
12:20pm Boss gets shot
12:33 First ACME phone call

First answer called in by Acronym (1.5, incorrect)

1:12 First correct answer called in by IHTFP (1.5)
2:22 Setec happy with 2 bigrams being incorrect
3:27 Blatantly Obscene gets "Take the Red Pill"
3:42 Pturnips calls to ask whether "ED" is "interesting"
3:45 Acronym gets Round 1 Metapuzzle


12:15am "But we don't knoww where to find the pharmacy...."
6:07 Blatantly Obscene calls in first trained answer
6:19 Lance: "Why do we have pictures of teens dry-humping?" [Pulls aside scarf, realizes it's Twister]
7:41 Pturnips trains an answer
1:55pm Random's sculpture won't fit thru any door
2:30 Acronym solves Round 2 Meta
12:01am Fermat says WIK Windows is the most exciting puzzle ever!
1:00pm-ish Acme hints (e-mail) line opens
1:30 "I might be going over there and learning you like your mother. Because clearly, your mother didn't give you enough learning." -- Minister of Inhospitality, to Kappa Sig for being idiots
1:36 "How you be getting the answer "Jive"?" --same as above
3:09 "We've been reduced from trying to understand your puzzles to trying to understand your hints, and we don't think it's getting any better." -- Snafu Fans
5:00ish "consultants" dispatched to top 6 (and then 8) teams
9:27 Setec solves the last remaining unsolved M-puzzle (6.6, Time's a Wastin')
9:40ish "NO BACKSOLVING, YOU BASTARDS. THAT'S MY PUZZLE!!! -- Skuld, to No Fkernel about WIK Kiaido, answering "drop acid" and explaining they "backsolved" to get it. [BTW, Denis & Matt S. wrote the puzzle.... :^) ]
9:43 NoFK calls back, "Were we right?" Skuld screams, "NO!"
10:30 Lance is consulting at Acronym. They realize Squiggles is the International Phonetic Alphabet; a notable facial expression is explained as "That's my brain leaving out the back door while my face distracts you."
2:10am Kappa Sig! calls in Meta Meta (does not have round 5 meta)
5:30 Blatantly Obscene calls in "Be Noisy" for metameta
5:35 Blatantly Obscene calls in Matches
6:04 Kappa Sig would like to Dodge Bullets
7:25 Kappa Sig calls, searching, finds the coin