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January 20th, 2003 - The MIT Mystery Hunt 2003 is still in progress. The
Hunt, which is now the longest in history, has been described by members of
Acme, the team which wrote it, as "cbffvoyl n ovg gbb uneq...".

February 3rd, 2003 - ... in other news, the MIT Mystery Hunt 2003 has not
yet finished. Those teams remaining are being closely supervised by members
of Team Acme, who have resorted to adding whips to their usual tools of
pens, paper and computers. Acme have started to offer major prizes for the
team that finds the coin, including the freedom to leave the rooms where
they have been incarcerated for the past fortnight.

June 18th, 2003 - ... Police were called to MIT Building 1 today to
restrain a member of Team Acme, the 'evil geniuses' who set this year's
ongoing Mystery Hunt. An eye-witness said: "He just snapped, you know?
Started ranting something about 'stupid morons' who couldn't solve one of
his puzzles." An Acme spokesman said that the puzzle solution concerned had
been "obvious to the most casual observer".

January 20th, 2053 - The last known survivor of the MIT Mystery Hunt passed
away today. Lance Nathan, 76, was found dead at his desk, still clutching a
piece of paper on which the location of the hidden coin from the 2003
Mystery Hunt was recorded. On inspection of the location, the coin was
found to have disintegrated. For instructions on how to find the funeral
service, please visit ...

(thanks to Mel, ACMECorp honorary Regional Vice-President of Chronology)

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