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Wrap-up information

To our loyal, dedicated, tired employees,

Two months ago, ACMEcorp did not think to reserve a room for Monday at 7
pm, just in case the Hunt broke all records for length.  But, well, it
did, so we're going to announce this, and hope a little:

THe wrap-up is scheduled for 7 pm tonight, in room 4-370.  If that room is
occupied, we'll put up signs directing people to another room.  We won't
be going through every puzzle one by one; rather, we'll hang out, chat,
answer "how the hell did that one work" questions, and so on.  Nothing
formal.  Come one, come all.

	--Lance Nathan, VP of not running the hunt next year

All information copyright (c) 2003 ACMECorp, Inc. All rights reserved.