Document 1.4: Something in Common

The boss's secretary hands you a stack of pictures with writing on the back of each. "He gave these to me to type up before he disappeared. I asked him if he had a list of the answers to the questions, and he said no, but that the answers all had something in common. He also said that some of the questions should be answered with people's full names, and that some required only their last names--but that I could probably figure out which were which."

1. Which current senator has a grandchild named for this man's home state?

2. What movie features the son of the man who drew this creature?

3. Who replaced this man as governor in 2001?

4. What are these women standing on on the cover of their second album?

5. Whose 2000 release includes a song with the same title as this comic book?

6. What California city appears as the first word of a song title on this album?

7. Who has the penultimate line in the work being parodied by these people?

8. In what film was this actor's final appearance as his most frequent role?

9. What is this device?

10. What recording artist has a "best of" album that shares a name with this fictional product?

11. What sort of "scientist" works in the department headquartered here?

12. What movie character played by this actress shares her name with a '70s singer with a single #1 hit?

13. Of the historical characters played in film or television by this actor, which was born the earliest?

14. What flowers convey the message of the words that complete the title 'Poems Written in,' by this man?

15. What breed of cat is this?

16. What is another name for the mathematical figure described in chapter five of this book?

17. Who is the character on the left?

18. What animal, renowned for the high quality of its flesh, is named for the city marked with a question mark?

19. What species of whale is pictured to the left of the orcas in this picture?

20. What was the debut album from the band named after this cartoon?

21. In what city can you find this sign?

22. What language are these people speaking?

23. What wine-producing commune is indicated by the red dot?

24. What is the last name of this actor/director the nickname of?

25. Where is this building?

26. Who is this?

27. What singer has taught mathematics for thirty years at the school where this animal is the mascot?

28. What is this?

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