Document 3.8: The Price is Right

Looks like somebody scribbled some restaurant orders on the back of these. "Knowing him, he probably went out for dessert afterwards," the priest commented, reminiscing. "Though he must have been full--he never ate anything past the first bite. One of his many sins, unfortunately, was his use of his church credit card to eat tax-exempt. He never had a dessert that wasn't equal (or close to) the price of the lowest item he had at dinner. He sure was a strange guy sometimes...he never liked cannoli or cheesecake, either.

a vegetarian paradise

davis square sunshine Bangladesh, Bhutan, Burma, China, Nepal, Pakistan brick oven rolls nearby random thai place usual chinese place (too bad they don't take credit cards) takes the card! noodle place just across the river shares a border with Tibet across the street from its spice store delivery at 3am! pho shares a border with Korea its food is yummy cheap and greasy, and they double-up with the kingly treatment you'd expect at Windsor home of the famous stuffed pizza! no doubt, gwen would be possessive of this place across from the end of the number 1 in Harvard like eating at the Taj Mahal, central and near serenity used to be able to see Texas from here quaint quality on Commonwealth bulls and bears all over the place check with the porter for Forster the toppings speak for themselves

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