(Meta-puzzle solution)

Section 5

Monday the boss had a business dinner. The maitre d' seems to remember him. "Oh yes," he tells you, "He was here that night. Seemed to enjoy his food."

"I remember he had a table for two. He was talking with a business associate of some sort--a shady character, I can tell you. And he kept taking notes--well, we thought they were notes, but he left them behind and they turned out to be these puzzles. Also, on the back of the check, he wrote this..."


  1. Ordering a Round
  2. Antiphony
  3. Making a List, Checking it Twice
  4. Standard Excuses
  5. Mad Liberation
  6. Pop Quiz
  7. Guys'll Eat Ivy, Too
  8. Mad Props to My Peeps






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