Room: 0.000 Exits: N  E  SW  D       (Shortcuts)



VILE has dropped you off at the entrance to an abandoned facility of some sort. You can see through the glass doors that an impromptu barricade was put up, but it's easy to slip in through a hole punched in the wall nearby.

Once inside, you find yourself in a reception area. Two halves of a desk lie discarded in a corner, surrounded by scattered paperwork and office supplies. Flanking the barricaded front door are two planters holding browned husks. Scorch marks cover the walls. Whatever the human resistance was doing here, it must have been something that the AIs very much wanted to get their hands on (or at least whatever robotic devices they use as hands).

Once there was a battle here; now, all is quiet. You seem to be the only living thing left in the facility, which only underscores the sense of urgency. There's no clue here, nothing helpful: this is only a starting point. The facility awaits.