(Meta-meta puzzle solution)

Meta-puzzle for Round 2 (M2)

by Marc Moskowitz and Denis Moskowitz

Yesterday the boss went to the theatre. You ask around, and eventually the guy in the cloakroom nods and says, "Hey, yeah, I remember him. Big tipper. Forgot to pick this book up when he left--sort of a scrapbook." You open it; mostly it's meaningless old photos of vacations and such, but there's one page with the following on it:


Some puzzles have been paper-clipped to the page.

The answers are:

  1. an actual slice of chocolate orange
  2. this picture of 1940s boxes
  3. the flag of Kyrgyzstan
  4. a red-and-yellow slice of pizza
  5. this picture of a sign
  6. a B-flat eighth note
  7. a six-petalled red-and-yellow flower
  8. This picture of the Neil Armstrong hack (found at http://hacks.mit.edu/Hacks/by_year/1999/moon_landing/Neil_armstrong_on_dome_medium.jpg)
This is a visual/object metapuzzle in the form of a pic-tac-toe:

pizzaorangeK ration
flowerY junction
flaghackB flat

The elements are: food, trilateral symmetry, flags; red/yellow, sphere pieces, letter-words; K's, eighths. The middle element is an eighth, sphere piece, trilaterally symmetric starting with K. The answer is KRESGE.