Document 2.6: Stairway to Heaven

Tucked into the album is a sheet of rather strange descriptions. You'd think your boss could have used standard notation! Oh, well; if you don't know what one of these is, you can always look it up. At least he wrote down the times with surgical precision.

Hmmmm....looks like adagio to me, we'll call it quarter note equals 66.

0.909sHighest pitch in Queen of the Night's famous aria, 3 8vb
0.909sMi in fixed do, first octave below middle c
0.606sIf this were sharp, it would be the devil in music above answer for the twelfth clue
0.606sthe answer for the second clue is dominant to this
0.606sabsolutely nothing
0.606sMIDI 55
0.606slowest note on a bassoon, 2 8va
0.606sorchestra tuning note, 8vb
0.606stwelfth root of 2 times the answer to the second clue
0.606s8vb of this
0.606smost common clarinet, lowest note, concert pitch
0.606sif this were sharped, it would be the leading tone for the answer to clue 7
0.606sif the answer to the third clue is shadj, this is shuddha rishabh
0.909sin a dominant seventh chord, root position, where the lowest note is the answer to clue twelve, this is the third note from the bottom
answer belongs here
2.727slowest note on a violin

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