(Meta-puzzle solution)

Section 2

Yesterday the boss went to the theatre. You ask around, and eventually the guy in the cloakroom nods and says, "Hey, yeah, I remember him. Big tipper. Forgot to pick this book up when he left--sort of a scrapbook." You open it; mostly it's meaningless old photos of vacations and such, but there's one page with the following on it:


Some puzzles have been paper-clipped to this page.

  1. Company Picnic
  2. Shredded What?
  3. Abducted!
  4. That Mixer
  5. The Road Signs of Unspeakable Chaos
  6. Stairway to Heaven
  7. A Problem With Printing
  8. What's Green, Hangs on the Wall, and Whistles?






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