Document 7.5: Folderol

On each table at the bar are brightly colored, square drink menus, in plastic holders. The bartender tells you that your boss collected thirteen of these, took them out of the holders, and wrote various things on the backs. "Strange guy," says the bartender. "Seemed to have a lot of friends, though; come to think of it, they were pretty weird, too."

The thirteenth piece of paper has the following directions on it.

Fold each piece of paper as follows:

Build a regular solid with 14 vertices, 6 of which have 4 colors (the 4-vertices) and 8 of which have 3 colors (the 3-vertices).

Pieces of the same color cannot be adjacent to each other, even at the corners (at the vertices and on the faces).

The flaps in each 3-vertex will spell a 3-letter word. The letters underneath the flaps will spell a 3-letter word that can follow the one on the flaps.

After you assemble the solid, read the letters you haven't used yet.

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