(Meta-puzzle solution)

Section 7

Saturday the boss went out for drinks.

The bartender, a large genial Irishman who's happy to assist you, remembers him. "He was a regular here, always left a couple dollars as a tip. Nice guy. Saturday, he comes in here with a date--real knockout, she was--and buys drinks for the two of them. But here's what blows my mind: he spends the whole time doodling on the napkins instead of paying attention to her.

"I kept 'em in case he came back, thought they might be part of his business or something. Wanna see 'em?"

  1. Smush
  2. When Johnny Comes Marching Home
  3. Set Match
  4. Mixed Drink
  5. Folderol
  6. Squiggles
  7. That's Right
  8. Dream Getaway






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